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I'm 18 friggin' years old and in grade 12! LET'S GO VOTE!

This place let's me get away when I need to be angry and let's me be happy when I need to do that. It's dual purpose! While you think this place will be interesting it will end up being about the following:

Games. I love gaming, it's part of what I do. How can you deny video games as an art form when people spent countless hours making them beautiful and giving the most gripping stories you've ever taken part in. That's right, you take part in the story. Better than a book. Gimme a better story than the Chrono Trigger series. Try it.

But books are great, I'll read most anything as long as it's long enough to really get me in. Fan abuse? You better believe I'll drop your book if you fill it with fan abuse. Table top books and games fit into this category. What can I say, I love playing my own character.

Where gaming is what I do, anime is what I breathe. Nothing beats it. Name something else that captures your emotion like Kare Kano, something that twists your perception like Neon Genesis Evangelion, a movie more gripping that Gin-Roh, characters more lovable than those from Fushigi Yuugi, action more intense than that found in Rurouni Kenshin, or anything more chaotically hilarious than Excel Saga.

Then there's Rae. My life and my love. When I'm sad I think of her. When I'm happy I think of her. She's my one and only and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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Friday, December 20

What can get any better? I'm done all my work, it's handed in, it's the day before school's out for christmas vacation, I'm wearing a santa toque and I'm watching "Talking to Americans". Boo-yah.

For those not "in the know", "Talking to Americans" Is a show done by Canadian comic, Rick Mercer. He goes to the US and proves just how ignorant of canada some American's really are. It's hilarious. So far, he's got American's to congratulate Canada on: legalizing VCRs, legalizing staples, creating their first university, stopping the ritual of putting persons of the age of 75 on ice flows and sending them out into the ocean, converting to a 24 hour clock, our national igloo and reaching a population of one million. Just to name a few.

Anyway, this was a big week and such and I just haven't had time to blog it. Not since that "episode" on last saturday e.e

First, on monday I went to cinemateque. They show a lot of independant fils there and such. On monday they were playing a series of short films as well as a short film my uncle acted in. The films were... varied. There was one about booty (the bum, not the pirate treasure), one where santa was a vampire, a really crappy animation, a scarey scarecrow one (Ohhhhhhh!) and one about portugal of something and some birds. Now the main attraction was the one my uncle was in. It was about a baseball team in a small town created by the owner of a restaurant. Bunty's chicken. Mostly, it was about their spring training and the fact that aging baseball star mo mo wouldn't make the team this year due to his old age. My uncle played an enormous Japanese baseball player and chef at Bunty's chicken. He was "The Emporer" Olito. It was HILARIOUS XD

I had more things but I forgot them o_o

Talking to Andrea the other day was one of the more hilarious/confusing/strange conversations in my life. My favourite quote would have to be "Now I can rest easily knowing that you'll be happilly fucking Rae's brains out in the next... room... eww." Coming ahead only shortly from "ASSHOLE!"

Now I must be off. Class ends in a little while and I really should post at Elysium before I need to leave to performing arts to watch the end of "Les Miserables" It's kind of disappointing that there isn't any singing in it but it's based on the novel, not the musical so I guess it's to be expected. It's still awesome. Laura actually managed to find Javert/Jean Valjean slash stories XD

Tonight is also the christmas party and secret santa at Brad's. Whoo! Although now I can't get in contact with Rae-chan about when I can call her and Andrea tomorrow. Bloody hell e.e Maybe if I'm lucky she'll post it at her own blog >>.....!

Aurevoir, mes amis!

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