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Donovan William MacLure AKA. Warrior of the Powerful Dragon (I absolutely love the meaning behind names) AKA. Ryouri Kenkaku

Born March 28th 1985

I'm 18 friggin' years old and in grade 12! LET'S GO VOTE!

This place let's me get away when I need to be angry and let's me be happy when I need to do that. It's dual purpose! While you think this place will be interesting it will end up being about the following:

Games. I love gaming, it's part of what I do. How can you deny video games as an art form when people spent countless hours making them beautiful and giving the most gripping stories you've ever taken part in. That's right, you take part in the story. Better than a book. Gimme a better story than the Chrono Trigger series. Try it.

But books are great, I'll read most anything as long as it's long enough to really get me in. Fan abuse? You better believe I'll drop your book if you fill it with fan abuse. Table top books and games fit into this category. What can I say, I love playing my own character.

Where gaming is what I do, anime is what I breathe. Nothing beats it. Name something else that captures your emotion like Kare Kano, something that twists your perception like Neon Genesis Evangelion, a movie more gripping that Gin-Roh, characters more lovable than those from Fushigi Yuugi, action more intense than that found in Rurouni Kenshin, or anything more chaotically hilarious than Excel Saga.

Then there's Rae. My life and my love. When I'm sad I think of her. When I'm happy I think of her. She's my one and only and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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Saturday, January 12

I live my friends! I live!

Hoe lee fuck o_o I don't usually say fuck, but fuck fuck fucking amazing o_o. FFX is the most amazing game I've ever played. The colours are absolutely astounding, the CG scenes are the most beautiful I've ever seen, even better than MGS2 and TMB, The shere system is incredibly simple and effective. I want to play more. If ever there was a game you should buy a PS2 for, this is it.

I mean, there isn't a single character in this game that I don't like, although over all my favourites would have to be, in this order, Lulu, Wakka and Tidus. Quite seriously, I'm obsessed with Lulu @@ She is the most amazing black mage ever.Using dolls for weapons? Or freakin' god @@ the first time you see that moogle doll in her hands it's like you just got punched in the face with awesomeness. I didn't even upgrade her weapon to the cactuar doll because I didn't want to miss the moggle bounce of and kicke the enemy in the face. That crazy furry, low cut, belted dress thing she wears is freakin' awesome o_o And she's all goal oriented and such o_o She's freakin amazing.

Wakka's like the Jamaican/Canadian ghetto Masta oo I must have seen him say "eh" like 4 times and his personality and attitude are so likeable. Just, the way he talks sounds ghetto Canadian. Tidus is great, I thought I wouldn't like him because he's kind of cleless about some things but he's such a show off and energetic that I can't help but love him. The scene where he takes a guy's binoculars is one of the funiest Final Fantasy moments ever. Damn. I need to play this game again.

The Luca Goers are goddam impossible.

So I'm here! Sorry all, I haven't been online because I've been gaming at Brad's since noon friday. It was supposde to be all day Saturday and Sunday but plans got switched. Turns out I have to go to Gimli tomorrow and the time Lord of the rings was playing on Friday was the best possible time. I would have blogged and told people but Brad's Net connection is shaft city.

The fellowship of the ring, by the way, is an amazing movie. I can't say anything about it that hasn't been said do I won't oo it was funny turning around in our seats instantly when the credits started to see how many people had expressions of "Wha... what the hell!?" And "Uhhhh..." on their faces. I fins it hilarious there are people who don't know it's just part one of a 3 part movie. XD

I just realised I in no way ever talk about the other blogs I'm linked to. Rae-chan's blog is great to read, Amber's blog is great to read, Kotori's blog is great to read, Laurie's blog os great to read and Sapphire's blog is never updated. Just so y'all know I actually socialie with these people. oo

What else to say? I can't really think of anything. I do not share the same hatred for women that Rae-chan does I must say o.o though she must have a good reason, she always does. And what the hell did you do Sapphire? I'll find out sooner or later.

See ya'll on the flipside. Maybe not until tuesday because all night monday will be homework @<;; kill me.

I miss Rae-chan and my other miscellaneous friends o.o

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Thursday, January 10

current mood: REALLY angry at muh comp But otherwise content, calm and happy. I always feel that way when I'm with Rae-chan, ad that's no corny romantic lie oo
current taste: Lemony chocolate
current hair: Pointy brown hair with red tips
current dress: Grey socks, Santa Clause boxers, Black nylon pants with red trim, a dark grey t-shirt, a white and black cotton over shirt with a very artistic pattern of skulls on it, a necklace with the Bastet glyph
current grievance: My horrible grades
current annoyance: My horrible sister
current smell: My cat, it's like right in my face #_#
current stupid musing: Traveling
current longing: To improve my failing marks
current game: Final Fantasy VIII
current thing i ought to be doing: School work. x_x;; <-- ditto
current windows open: CD player, AIM chat with Rae-chan, AIM chat with Kotori, Rae-chan's blog, this one
current desktop Picture: A screen shot from Much Music from "Tree Toss 99'"
current favorite artist: Music- Wes Borland/Paper and Pen: Richard Kane Ferguson
current favorite group: Gorillaz
current book: I'm between books. Next it will be either re-reading the lord of the rings, or book one of Harry Potter
current CDs in stereo: Much Music's Big Shiny Tunes 6
current DVD in player: I wish xx
current color of toenails: Pink-ish
current earrings: None
current refreshment: Nothing xx I'm thirsty
current worry: Failing my math exam
current malicious intent: If I told you Id have to kill you
current misguided opinion: I gues my only one would be about the X-BOX, and it's certainly not misguided in my mind
current lyric: "This time I'ma let it all come out!
This time I'ma stand up and shout!
I'ma do things my way! it's my way!
My way or the highway.
-Limp Bizkit, "My way"
current crush: it's not a crush, silly o.o
current favorite celebrity: Will Smith, he played an amazing role in Ali
current time: 7:23 PM
current hate: My lack of commone sense
currently thankful for: Rae-chan ^_^

Christ! That's the SECOND time I wrote it! Idiot comp

Boring day at school o_o I hope I pass my courses

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Wednesday, January 9

I'm not really all that horny, I just thought "Hey, when else am I ever gonna use this emotion on imod?" XD

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Sunday, January 6

You know what's a good movie? Ali. Go see it o.o

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Take the What Should Your New Year's Resolution Be? Quiz

o.o what's the point? I have Rae-chan. ^_^

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For the past few days, my vengeful actions resulted in the suffereing of multiple people. For this, I apologise. Everyone can report to me for individal heartfelt apologies. Sorry all, got carried away again.

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