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Donovan William MacLure AKA. Warrior of the Powerful Dragon (I absolutely love the meaning behind names) AKA. Ryouri Kenkaku

Born March 28th 1985

I'm 18 friggin' years old and in grade 12! LET'S GO VOTE!

This place let's me get away when I need to be angry and let's me be happy when I need to do that. It's dual purpose! While you think this place will be interesting it will end up being about the following:

Games. I love gaming, it's part of what I do. How can you deny video games as an art form when people spent countless hours making them beautiful and giving the most gripping stories you've ever taken part in. That's right, you take part in the story. Better than a book. Gimme a better story than the Chrono Trigger series. Try it.

But books are great, I'll read most anything as long as it's long enough to really get me in. Fan abuse? You better believe I'll drop your book if you fill it with fan abuse. Table top books and games fit into this category. What can I say, I love playing my own character.

Where gaming is what I do, anime is what I breathe. Nothing beats it. Name something else that captures your emotion like Kare Kano, something that twists your perception like Neon Genesis Evangelion, a movie more gripping that Gin-Roh, characters more lovable than those from Fushigi Yuugi, action more intense than that found in Rurouni Kenshin, or anything more chaotically hilarious than Excel Saga.

Then there's Rae. My life and my love. When I'm sad I think of her. When I'm happy I think of her. She's my one and only and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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Monday, September 17

Full name: Donovan William MacLure
Born: March 28, 1985
Lives in: Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
Sun sign: Aries
School: Grant Park High School
Where are you from: My mother's womb
What color are your eyes: Blue
Haircolor: Dark brown
Piercing/tattoos: None at all, and I can't say I plan on it o.o
Marital status: Single, but happily spoken for. ^_^ <--- answer stolen from Rae-chan
01. Are you a Virgin: Yes I am
02. Are you a right or a lefty or an ambidextrous: Right handed
03. What are your personality traits: Energetic, Fun, Bored, Athletic-ish, Hyper, INSANE! XD
04. What do you like most about yourself: I'm the most amazing person in the world
05. Pick a song that describes yourself: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger by Daft Punk
06. What's your name backwards: Navonod
07. What does your name mean: Dark Warrior XD
08. Do you believe in yourself: On select occasions
09. Do you have an accent: Not at all
10. Do you believe in God: That would be a no
11. Do you go to church?: Nope
12. Can you swim: Oh yeah
13. Do you drink: On VERY select occasions
14. Do you do drugs: Nope, and never will
15. Do you smoke: Not a chance
16. Do you bite your nails: Too much xx
17. Are you addicted to the Internet: Almost
18. How many times do you check your e-mail per day: About twice
18. Do you ever have AOL conversations: AOL blows
19. Do you have ICQ: Nope
20. How long can you hold your breath: For a little bit at least
21. Nosehairs (on you): What? o_O
22. Nosehairs (on your boy/girlfriend or potential other) long or short: I really still don't get it
23. What hobbies do you have: Anime, drawing, writing, music, hanging out with
friends, shopping and stuff. :D <-- it's almost like looking in a mirror...
24. What kind of Deodorant do you use: Brut!
25. Do you think you're attractive: Of course I am XD
26. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: Never! o_o;;;;;;;
27. What do you wear to bed: A very sexy red silk teddy
28. One Pillow or 2: One pillow and it's flat, but I love it! XD
29. What's your bedtime: When I feel o_o
30. What do you think about before you go to sleep: Will I live through the next day? What will I dream about? And Rae-chan ^_^
31. First thought in the morning: AAAAAHHHHHH WHAT'S THAT BEEPING!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! *SMASH* (literally)
32. What's under your bed: A whole lotta crap
33. Are you an optimist or pessimist: A little from column A and a little from column B
34. Better to cry or laugh: Both in equal portions
35. Ever been in love: Yes I have
36. Right now, who do you want to marry and spend the rest of your life with: Ami-chan XD
37. Where do you want to go on your honeymoon: Somewhere nice obviously. Duh!
38. When you notice somebody of the opposite sex what do you notice first: I notice knife in their hand
39. Bois-If a girl ever asked you for the shirt on your back, would you give it
to her: That depends who it is *grins*
41. Bois-would you ever ask a random girl for her shirt: I think that's illegal
42. Do you think men and women can ever just be friends without wanting each
other: Yes oO
43. Who's better, Bois or Girls: Manwomen are best o.o
44. What's your "type": Rae-chan o.o
45. Internet Boyfriends and Girlfriends-- stupid or neat: Don't make me answer that.
46. Are you a player: HEEEELLLLL YEAH HOE! *ROTFLMAO* kidding! ^_^;
47. Did you ever cry over someone of the opposite sex: Yes I have
48. Did you ever have a crush on a cartoon character: Ami-chan o.o;
49. Are you a good friend: Dude yeah
50. What's your biggest fear: Being forgotten
51. Do you type with your fingers on the right keys: I doubt it
52. Do you make fun of people: ^_^;;;;
53. What is the stupidest thing you have ever done: I blocked all of that from my mind o_o
54. What is the smartest thing you have ever done: Not this survey x-x my fingers hurt
55. Do you eat chicken fingers with a fork: SACRILIGE!
56. How do you eat an Oreo: With my ear
57. Do you eat the stems of broccoli: Who doesn't?
58. Is the glass half empty of half full: almost full but not quite empty
59. Which came first-The chicken or the egg: Do I care? XP
60. What color is your toothbrush: White and green
61. What color is your toothpaste: White and green... woah
62. What's on your walls in your room: A whole lotta anime stuff o.o
63. What is on your ceiling: A dream catcher
64. Have you ever been attacked by a big dog: No o.o
65. Words/Phrases you overuse: BOOYAH!, OH MY GOD!
66. Do you get along with your parents: Heh heh heh ^_^;;;;
67. Craziest/Silliest person you know: That would be Kevin
69. Say one nice thing about the person who sent this to you: I love my Rae-chan ^_^
70. Do you like to swim: Didn't I answer this?
71. Do you watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer: YEA! XD
72. Do you sing in the shower: Yup yup yup
73. How do you want to die: Really quickly o.o
74. Would you ever go bungy-jumping: YES! XD
75. Do you like dressing up: Noooooope
76. Do you enjoy reading: Love it
77. Do you watch TGIF: Nope.
78. What movie do you really want to see: Chasing Amy! It's the only Kevin Smith movie I haven't seen!
79. What is your biggest wish: For cool lookin' pants
80. Would you ever have cosmetic surgery: nope
81. Do you like to dance: Yup ^_^
82. What do you think of people who drink: Mod-er-a-tion!
83. What do you think about people who do drugs: Drop it foo'
84. What do you think of people who smoke: good god how many times do I have to warn you?
85. Do you shun nudity: Nope o.o
87. Do you watch Happy Days: Nope o.o
88. Do you organize your CD's: Yup
89. Do you read the newspaper: Yup
90. Who is the loudest person you know: Myself XD
91. Who is the weirdest person you know: Again, Kevin
92. Do you sneeze a lot: I don't think so
93. Are you a vegetarian: Nope
94. Best net friends: Too many! You all know hwo you are! ^_^
95. What was the last CD you got: An Escaflowne CD @@
96. Who do you trust the most: Ami-chan plushie!
97. What color is your computer desk: Black
98. Do you have a pager: Nope.
99. Do you have a lava lamp: Hell yeah!
100. What's on your mouse pad: A kitten ^.^
101. Worst feeling in the World: Lonliness, I'd say. <--- I agree
102. Best feeling in the World: Being around people you love. <--- again! It's uncanny!
103. Favorite thing to do on a weekend: Spend time with friends. ^_^ <--- just scary now...
104. Where do you see yourself in 10 years: Winnipeg! XD <--- this has gone too far!
105. Do you get motion sickness: Never
106. What do you drive: I don't xx
107. Who are your best buds: Again, you know who you are! ^_^
108. What's the name of the person you talk to most online: It's like, that same answer
110. Have you ever been convicted of a crime: Nope
111. Most humiliating moment: I block them, remember?
112. Have you ever called a 900 number: Yup! I voted on Big Brother XD
113. Which movies have you cried at: None
114. Summer memory: What?
115. Idea for a perfect date: Take the person I love wherever they want to go ^_^
116. Future son names: Not a clue o.o
117. Future daughter names: Again not a clue o.o
118. What is your favorite brand of gum: Dentene Ice
119. Which is your favorite Mentos commercial: The fake pregnant one with the scooter o.o
120. What's your favorite color to paint your toenails: Pink! ^.^
121. Which do you prefer cool ranch or nacho cheese Doritos: Nacho Cheese
122. What's your favorite flavor of Snapple: That fire kind o.o
123. Who is your favorite character on Seinfeld: Kramer! XD
124. Which one, Coke or Pepsi: COKE DAMMIT!
125. Which pez is your favorite: The lemony fresh kind
126. What's your favorite room in the house: My room
127. Which is your favorite Arnold movie: There was one that didn't suck?
128. What is your favorite store: Oriental gifts ^_^
129. What is your favorite Jell-O flavor: Cherry
130. Which do you prefer mud wrestling or Jell-O wrestling: o_o I've never tried them
131. What's the best number in the world: NINE!
132. Boxers or Briefs: Boxers foo'
133. Favorite color Bra: I like to wear pink personally
134. Favorite Salad Dressing: Thousand island ^_^
135. Favorite Shampoo: Head and Shoulders
136. Favorite movies: Err... I dunno.
137. Favorite kind of music: Techno and hard hard hard stuffs
139. Favorite Food: NACHOS!
140. Favorite town to be in: Winnipeg, but I haven't had much experience
141. Favorite ice cream: Mint chocolate chip
142. Favorite Soda: Jone's Soda! XD
144. Favorite cologne or perfume: That kind you can eat oO;
145. Favorite song: Too many to name.
146. Favorite school subject: Psychology
147. Least favorite school subject: Math o.o
148. Favorite sport to watch: Battle Bots XD
149. Favorite holiday: Holloween, all the way
150. What do you look for in the opposite sex: A brain o.o
151. Would you rather go to Disneyworld or Disneyland: I dunno o.o
152. What is your favorite color: Greeeeeeeeen ^_^
153. Favorite cartoon hero: Ami-chan ^_^
154. Favorite Actors: The Rock, Keanu Reeves
155. Favorite Actresses: Elizabeth Hurley, Janene Gorafello
156. Pro-life or Pro-choice: Choice!
157. Do you prefer pools or ocean: Never been to the ocean ;-;
158. Pencil or pen: Pencil all the way
159. Who's the best looking person you know of same sex: I dunno o.o it depends on what you look for
160. Who's the prettiest Disney movie gal: The tea pot in Beauty and the Beast
161. Gold or silver: Silver!
162. Would you rather be short or tall: Tall, but I'm short xx
163. Which Winnie the Pooh character is your fav: Eyore XD
164. What's your favorite Nintendo game: Super Smash Bros.
165. Who is the least attractive person you know: My siblings
167. Do you like Marilyn Manson: Nooooooope
168. Favorite stations: Power 97
169. MTV or VH1: Much Music!
170. What are your favorite musician, bands or band: SIAM SHADE!!!!! The only one I can name right now o.o Oh! Nobuo Uematsu
171. Best place to hang out: The MALL! or Brad's o.o
172. Do you prefer to date people old or younger then you: I suppose younger ^_^
173. Favourite TV show: Big Brother! XD
174. Blondes, Brunettes, or Redheads: All three o.o
175. Glasses or Contacts: Either
176. What's the weirdest first name you've ever heard of: I dunno o_o
177. Brandy or Monica: Neither o.o
178. Favorite game: Bust a Groove!
179. Favorite drink: Jone's Soda XD
180. Favorite sound: Birds chirping ^_^ And kittens mewing ^_^
181. Favourite smell: Nachos ^_^
182. Rollercoasters- deadly or exciting: Exciting!
183. Chocolate or Vanilla cake: Marble, dude!
184. Thunderstorms cool or scary: Awesome
185. What is your favorite quote: "Who is driving? Bear is driving! Hoe can this be? Car full of midgets!"
186. If I could shave one thing into your hair what would it be: A flame o.o
187. If you could dye your hair one color, what would it be: Stop sign red XD
188. If you could have a tattoo what would you get and where would you get it: Hmm, I really don't know
189. If you could turn into an animal real or imaginary, what would you be: A cat ^_^
190. If you could meet one person in the world who would it be, Living and
nonliving: Probably all my online friends
191. If you were a dog what would your name be: Dammit
192. If you could be anything in a kitchen what would you be: Can opener
193. If you could be one gardening tool what would you be: Hoe XD
194. If you could be a shoe, what kind of shoe would you be: A slipper o.o
195. If you could be Corn, what corn would you be: COB!
197. If you had a genie, what 3 wishes would you make: Nachos, a soda, and the power to do anything I wanted XD
198. Purple: Kittens! ^.^
199. If you could meet a Net Person who would it be: All of em'!
200. If you could have any occupation when you get older, what would it be: Seiyuu ^_^
201. If you were to kill someone, which method would you choose: It's not for children's ears
202. If you could do anything to the person you hate the most, what would you
203. Think of the person you love most in the entire world. Thinking of them?
OK, now that person will die a horrible death if you don't have sex with your
mother/father.....would you do it: You're disturbed... but I guess I'd have to
204. If you could streak in front of one person's house who's would it be: Not in my back yard
205. Better pre-sex foods: Chocolate covered strawberries XD
206. You are a virgin. You're going to die in one hour. That's right! You have
ONE HOUR TO LIVE!!! lose your virginity as fast as you can? or you call
all your close friends and relatives to say goodbye: I'd say good bye you sick monkey!
207. Worst way to die: Stabbed in the gut
208. Your favorite STD and why: o_O;
209. Does gay/lesbian sex turn you on: o_o not tremendously
210. What would your porn name be: Blinky Starshine
211. Do bananas turn you on: Oh yeah baby
212. Condoms: glow-in-the-dark, flavored, or ribbed: o_o;;;
213. Full body massage or dry sex: o_o;;;!
214. On a scale of 1-10, 1 being I may have sex...sometime in my life...maybe
when I'm like 80...and 10 being whips, chains, and automobiles with my dog and
my gramma in the back seat of my grandpa's car. where are you kinkiness-wise:Woah o.o 6
215. My most graphic sexual fantasy was when...: Can I not say? o_o
216. Would you have sex on your kitchen counter: That would hurt
217. Place I'd get it on if I could: Not a clue
218. The person I'd like to have sex with the most is: o_o;;;
219. If you were gay/lesbian, then would you have straight sex if someone paid
you $1,000: I doubt it xx
220. Premarital sex: Why not? as long as you are in love.

Been awake since 9:19:21 PM

And now for something exactly the same.

You have just entered room "Ryouri Kenkaku Chat26."
Prince Nyanko has entered the room.
Ryouri Kenkaku: Naked cameras, and why they aren't for Ky's room will be the subject o.o
Kuro Samhain: *LOL*
Prince Nyanko: We want to see you nakied.
Ryouri Kenkaku: x-x blunt
Prince Nyanko: Aren't I always?
Kuro Samhain: *LOL* Yes! That is our true purpose in life. We feel that it is our duty to catch you naked. XD
Kuro Samhain: Yes you are. XP
Ryouri Kenkaku: Not always o.o
Prince Nyanko: I am most of the time.
Ryouri Kenkaku: Catch me naked? Geez... my girlfriend and my ex-girl friend are insane xx
Prince Nyanko: We are getting Evan the wear a Fredericks slinky nighty that is all feathery and have him walk down
Prince Nyanko: Dickerson Road like a whore XD
Kuro Samhain: The only time she's not blunt is when what she's saying could hurt her. =P Anyone else: ppsshhht.
Kuro Samhain: O_O *LMAO*
Ryouri Kenkaku: oo
Ryouri Kenkaku: *hIdes...*
Kuro Samhain: XD I wanna see!!
Ryouri Kenkaku: *... and looks for cameras*
Prince Nyanko: We are getting him a pink boa, heels, and makeup, hair and all. We are gonna follow him in a car and
Prince Nyanko: tape all of it while playing music to him walking
Kuro Samhain: *LOL*
Kuro Samhain: *LMAO*
Kuro Samhain: Akio car music. XD
Prince Nyanko: Music like Prettyu Women, Pretty in Pink, RESPECT, Akio Car,
Prince Nyanko: and Circus music
Kuro Samhain: I hope he get's arrested for prostitution. XD
Prince Nyanko: Also a thong...XD
Prince Nyanko: crochless one at that. XD
Kuro Samhain: I would just love to see a cop come by while this is going on. XD
Prince Nyanko: XD XD XD XD
Prince Nyanko: Spencer is helping us in this...we are gonna be in his car.
Kuro Samhain: *shocked*
Prince Nyanko: I was going to go to the mall today with Spencer, but I couldn't
Kuro Samhain: *shocked again*
Kuro Samhain: He's graduated, yet still, Amber cannot escape her ex.
Prince Nyanko: Lee was going also....we would have had super vision...but again...when does that stop him? XD
Prince Nyanko: I know x-x=
Prince Nyanko: Am-chan never gonna be free of Spencer x-x=
Kuro Samhain: Q_Q I have fifteen minutes.
Prince Nyanko: He has long blonde hair O_O
Prince Nyanko: I hat ehim...;-;=
Kuro Samhain: ;-; *cries with Amber*
Ryouri Kenkaku: FIFTEEN!?
Kuro Samhain: Did he and Angel break up or something? o_O
Prince Nyanko: Nakie guy speaks
Ryouri Kenkaku: Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ;-;
Prince Nyanko: Nope...o.o=
Kuro Samhain: ;-; Sadly.
Ryouri Kenkaku: Not nake o_o ...completely oo
Prince Nyanko: get naked then o.o=
Ryouri Kenkaku: X_X
Kuro Samhain: *L* Amber! XD
Kuro Samhain: SMILE!: You're on Rae-chan and Am-chan's Hidden Nakie Camera. XD
Ryouri Kenkaku: Isn't just shorts good enough??
Ryouri Kenkaku: O_X
Prince Nyanko: nope...
Ryouri Kenkaku: X_X
Prince Nyanko: to much clothing
Ryouri Kenkaku: Too bad >_>
Kuro Samhain: XD
Kuro Samhain: My Love Hina tapes SUCK!
Ryouri Kenkaku: I heard ;-;
Kuro Samhain: Some of them aren't even subtitled. -_-;
Ryouri Kenkaku: -_-; I've never made that face in my life
Kuro Samhain: So I didn't bother to watch passed episode four, which I couldn't
even understand.
Ryouri Kenkaku: At least not in emoticons o.o
Kuro Samhain: o_o Wow.
Ryouri Kenkaku: well I guess I have now oo
Ryouri Kenkaku: Ouch ~_~
Kuro Samhain: I guess you have. o_o
Prince Nyanko: *shoves a camara in Kyize's face*
Prince Nyanko: Strip. XD
Ryouri Kenkaku: Amber's not talking oo maybe SHE'S nakie!
Kuro Samhain: But Kaolla Su is so adorable! XD
Ryouri Kenkaku: darn
Ryouri Kenkaku: no xx
Kuro Samhain: *LOL*
Prince Nyanko: I'm always nakie ^_~
Kuro Samhain: DO IT!
Prince Nyanko: *L*
Kuro Samhain: Wait, no, don't.
Ryouri Kenkaku: o_o I am not stripping
Kuro Samhain: It's not right...
Ryouri Kenkaku: You're right, it isn't is it?
Kuro Samhain: ...because Zephy's not here. XD
Prince Nyanko: Its so right...o.o=
Prince Nyanko: *LOL*
Ryouri Kenkaku: *face faults* X_________X!!!!!!
Kuro Samhain: *LMAO*
Ryouri Kenkaku: Everyone wants to see me naked..
Ryouri Kenkaku: Wait, is this a bad thing? oO
Prince Nyanko: Cause yous sexy XD
Kuro Samhain: Hey, I never even said that. XD Exactly.
Kuro Samhain: *L* Yeah! Da women want you.
Kuro Samhain: Some of the men, too.
Ryouri Kenkaku: Booyah
Ryouri Kenkaku: erk xx
Prince Nyanko: I'm a man...o.o=
Ryouri Kenkaku: You're both
Prince Nyanko: Oh yeah...
Ryouri Kenkaku: you're man-woman
Kuro Samhain: Some of the men, too.
Kuro Samhain: Some of the men, too.
Kuro Samhain: Some of the men, too.
Kuro Samhain: Some of the men, too.
Kuro Samhain: >_< damn thing
Ryouri Kenkaku: o_o could you say that any more times?
Kuro Samhain: AIM probs. -_-;
Ryouri Kenkaku: damn Aim
Prince Nyanko: Take it off...
Ryouri Kenkaku: I bet AIM's nakie oo
Ryouri Kenkaku: take what off?
Kuro Samhain: Everything. XD
Prince Nyanko: *L*
Prince Nyanko: Yo cloths o.o=
Ryouri Kenkaku: All I'm wearing is shorts! nothing else! That's not good enough!?
Kuro Samhain: Wait, we should be fair to Sapphire and wait till he's around. XD
Ryouri Kenkaku: oh god no...
Prince Nyanko: *LMAO* XD XD XD
Prince Nyanko: No boxers? o.o=
Ryouri Kenkaku: No boxers o_o too hot
Prince Nyanko: O_O
Ryouri Kenkaku: oO
Kuro Samhain: *gasp-u*
Ryouri Kenkaku: oo what did I say?
Kuro Samhain: Why not just wear the boxers then? o_o;
Ryouri Kenkaku: Because I'm not home alone o_o If I was then I would
Prince Nyanko: Yeah...put the heart ones on!
Kuro Samhain: Are the shorts tangerine colored? XD
Ryouri Kenkaku: No!
Kuro Samhain: Ahh, I see.
Ryouri Kenkaku: no xx
Kuro Samhain: *^_^* Kawaii!
Kuro Samhain: Damn shorts.
Prince Nyanko: They are black
Ryouri Kenkaku: Leave my heart boxers out of this xx
Ryouri Kenkaku: American PIe 2 kicks ass
Kuro Samhain: XD You actually own a pair?
Prince Nyanko: I have smily face boxers XD
Ryouri Kenkaku: ._. yes
Kuro Samhain: KAWAII!!!!!!!!!
Kuro Samhain: *dies of the kawaiiness*
Prince Nyanko: Your boxers killed her man...
Ryouri Kenkaku: o_o *become un-kawaii and revives Rae-chan*
Kuro Samhain: XD XD XD Are they the traditional white with red?
Ryouri Kenkaku: they didn't kill her man, I'm her man oo
Kuro Samhain: XD *LOL @ Amber*
Ryouri Kenkaku: They are white with some red hearts and some pink hearts xx
Kuro Samhain: ^______^ KAWAII!!!!!!!!
Kuro Samhain: You should be proud to wear those babies. o_o
Prince Nyanko: I have smily face ones ._.
Kuro Samhain: I have no boxers. ._. Just PJ bottoms. Close enough. =P
Prince Nyanko: I also have lime green ones....o.o=
Kuro Samhain: O_O DUDE! Really?!?!
Kuro Samhain: I want. o_o;
Prince Nyanko: Yep o.o=
Prince Nyanko: I'm looking for cow print XD
Kuro Samhain: XD
Prince Nyanko: I got three yeards of cow print material XD XD
Kuro Samhain: *L*
Prince Nyanko: yards*
Kuro Samhain: I have one yard.
Prince Nyanko: 3 so booyah
Kuro Samhain: Boome.
Kuro Samhain: DONOVAN-KOI!
Kuro Samhain: TALK!
Kuro Samhain: I have two minutes. ._.
Prince Nyanko: Eddie was sposed to come over tonight ;-;=
Ryouri Kenkaku: I need badtz maru boxers to match Rae-chan's o.o
Kuro Samhain: I may as well sneak an extra five minutes. =P
Prince Nyanko: Choco cat boxers ^.^=
Ryouri Kenkaku: Badtz all the way foo'
Prince Nyanko: Choco!
Kuro Samhain: Badtz indeed. XD
Ryouri Kenkaku: Badtz!
Ryouri Kenkaku: I have no bras o.o
Prince Nyanko: Ky..what did yo away message say? o.o=
Kuro Samhain: Bad-ass rebel penguins kick all cookies.
Prince Nyanko: I have an air bra...
Prince Nyanko: o.o=
Ryouri Kenkaku: it said I was taking off my clothes
Kuro Samhain: needa take off my clothes, brb
Ryouri Kenkaku: Air bra? oO what the hell?
Prince Nyanko: Oh...^.^=
Prince Nyanko: It has air in it...o.o=
Ryouri Kenkaku: o_o that's amazing
Kuro Samhain: *sweatdrops at Amber*
Prince Nyanko: Like the water bras..
Prince Nyanko: only its air. o.o=
Ryouri Kenkaku: what possible purpose would it have that for?
Prince Nyanko: Bigger boobage o_o=
Prince Nyanko: bigger looking at least
Ryouri Kenkaku: o_o dun be ashamed of your boobage
Ryouri Kenkaku: I'm not oo
Kuro Samhain: AND when you send the piccies make sure there are Pyralis and
Samhain ones in there! >_>
Kuro Samhain: *LOL*
Prince Nyanko: I've had many a complement on muh boobage.
Ryouri Kenkaku: I definitely will o.o
Ryouri Kenkaku: o_o really!?
Ryouri Kenkaku: o_o like what?
Kuro Samhain: Yay. ^_^ So I can scan them and print them out and post them on my door. ^_^
Prince Nyanko: Yes...actaully I have x-x=
Prince Nyanko: They say nice breast and such.
Ryouri Kenkaku: People walk up and go "Yo, nice rack"
Kuro Samhain: *LOL*
Prince Nyanko: Basically
Ryouri Kenkaku: *LOL*
Kuro Samhain: They're people she knows, though. Not total strangers. XD
Ryouri Kenkaku: You can post all the originals on your door oo
Ryouri Kenkaku: Do I can see people walk off the street into your house and say that *L*
Kuro Samhain: ^_^ It's better when scanned so I can play with the size and make the lines darker. But I'll see what
Kuro Samhain: happens.
Prince Nyanko: I need some Devi Gharial lovie-ness. ;-;=
Kuro Samhain: z_z Can't... draw...
Ryouri Kenkaku: Lovieness rules
Prince Nyanko: I have had one person who I dunno say something about them.
Ryouri Kenkaku: Really o-o
Kuro Samhain: They were from school? >_>
Prince Nyanko: Strangely yes. o_o=
Ryouri Kenkaku: "WOW! Can I touch those!!!!!?????"
Kuro Samhain: *LOL*
Prince Nyanko: Sam asked that one...
Prince Nyanko: I slapped him and walked away ._.
Ryouri Kenkaku: "*snikker snikker* those are padded"
Prince Nyanko: They are not padded.
Kuro Samhain: XD
Ryouri Kenkaku: I would never do that o-o just to let you know
Prince Nyanko: they are busted up by air. XD
Ryouri Kenkaku: pretty much oO
Kuro Samhain: *LOL*
Ryouri Kenkaku: I think I likemy bust oo
Prince Nyanko: Rae...grab his man boobs. XD
Ryouri Kenkaku: Someone here isn't ashamed of small boobage >_>
Kuro Samhain: You go, girl. o_o You're bootylicious.
Kuro Samhain: >_o B cups aren't small!
Kuro Samhain: They're just... average... o_o;;
Prince Nyanko: I'm moving on up...o.o=
Ryouri Kenkaku: I have smaller than a b-cup oo
Ryouri Kenkaku: You thought I meant you?? oO
Ryouri Kenkaku: x_x;;
Prince Nyanko: *L*
Kuro Samhain: x_X Me and Amber both.
Prince Nyanko: Hey...I'm moving up girly
Kuro Samhain: Good for you Amber. =P Good for you.
Ryouri Kenkaku: I wonder if I can get air paded boxers
Kuro Samhain: *LOL*
Prince Nyanko: *LOL* XD
Kuro Samhain: I'm younger than you Amber. XD I may develope more!
Kuro Samhain: One good thing about being the youngest. o_<
Ryouri Kenkaku: GO Rae-chan! You grow that chest!
Kuro Samhain: Not that I think I will, but... o_O Not that I care too much either.
Ryouri Kenkaku: Oh god that sounds so wrong... x______X
Kuro Samhain: XD *LOL*Prince Nyanko: *LOL*
Kuro Samhain: *sneaks another five minutes* ._.;;
Ryouri Kenkaku: that's ok o.o
Kuro Samhain: Not if I get cought...
Ryouri Kenkaku: Not that I need air padded boxers oO
Ryouri Kenkaku: just thought I'd add that
Kuro Samhain: *LMAO*
Prince Nyanko: Lee was setting between me and Kevy and she said " I have a b/f and a g/f"
Ryouri Kenkaku: set back the clock time and blame it on the comp's battery oo
Prince Nyanko: Get the boxers!
Kuro Samhain: x_x That might work... o_o;
Ryouri Kenkaku: It does o.o trust me
Prince Nyanko: Fuck with the grown ups minds...
Kuro Samhain: Men don't have to worry about their measurements cause they aren't as noticable. o_o; And blondes
Prince Nyanko: Go sistah it
Kuro Samhain: don't have to shave their legs because their hair is light. x_x
Prince Nyanko: men...measurements...*cough*
Ryouri Kenkaku: oo;
Kuro Samhain: >_o I said it in a polite way.
Ryouri Kenkaku: We don't really measure that o_o
Prince Nyanko: I know some who do...o_o=
Kuro Samhain: *L* Yes, you do. XD
Prince Nyanko: *L*
Prince Nyanko: XD
Ryouri Kenkaku: ._.;;;
Ryouri Kenkaku: LOL
Kuro Samhain: Maybe *you* don't, but most men do.
Ryouri Kenkaku: Yeah.. I don't... right...
Kuro Samhain: XD
Prince Nyanko: Was that sarcasim?
Prince Nyanko: XD
Ryouri Kenkaku: oo;
Ryouri Kenkaku: *LOL*
Ryouri Kenkaku: 19/200 by the Gorillaz! perfect music to listen to while talking about underwear!
Kuro Samhain: Never heard it. o_o;
Ryouri Kenkaku: hear it o.o
Prince Nyanko: Jake told me I had lovely skin that was so clean and pretty on muh hands. XD
Ryouri Kenkaku: I must have told you to get it like eleventy billion times
Ryouri Kenkaku: cool o.o
Ryouri Kenkaku: I bit my nails... ._.
Prince Nyanko: He also says he does dead people, trees, and mayo XD
Ryouri Kenkaku: o_o
Kuro Samhain: I pick at mine. -_-;
Kuro Samhain: I have horrible nails. They're impossible to grow out.
Prince Nyanko: I have long lovely nails ^^+ v
Prince Nyanko: =
Ryouri Kenkaku: >_>
Kuro Samhain: But I'm starting to accept that. =P
Ryouri Kenkaku: I wanna c-cup
Prince Nyanko: My nails are beautful...and I use them as weapons also
Prince Nyanko: *LOL* XD
Kuro Samhain: *L*
Ryouri Kenkaku: Actually I'd have to get really fat for that o_o;;
Ryouri Kenkaku: I'll go all the way for 36DD
Kuro Samhain: Especially since you're a guy.
Kuro Samhain: *LOL*
Prince Nyanko: XD
Prince Nyanko: *LOL*
Prince Nyanko: You gonna strip for us or not?
Prince Nyanko: XD
Ryouri Kenkaku: Breast enlargement surgery here I come
Kuro Samhain: XD I have three minutes.
Kuro Samhain: *LOL*
Prince Nyanko: Silicon...
Ryouri Kenkaku: *seventies porn music starts playing*
Ryouri Kenkaku: silicone
Kuro Samhain: *LOL*
Prince Nyanko: so I can't spell
Prince Nyanko: XD
Ryouri Kenkaku: Nope o_o *music shuts off* not a chance
Kuro Samhain: Awww.
Kuro Samhain: XD
Prince Nyanko: dern
Prince Nyanko: XD
Ryouri Kenkaku: darn
Kuro Samhain: *throws cash and whistles*
Kuro Samhain: XD
Kuro Samhain: Help me here, Amber!
Prince Nyanko: *whistles*
Kuro Samhain: *whistle*whistle*
Prince Nyanko: *throws cash*
Ryouri Kenkaku: o_o how sexist! ... *remembers the competitions a while back and drifts away*
Ryouri Kenkaku: *-* Rae-chan... best girl pose... ever...
Kuro Samhain: x_x Don't remind me.
Ryouri Kenkaku: *shakes his head* I should have beaten Amber!
Kuro Samhain: Very degrading.
Prince Nyanko: HAHA!!
Ryouri Kenkaku: *L* That was so... "un-you" Rae-chan ^_^
Prince Nyanko: I am the best Bishie!
Kuro Samhain: I know. =P
Prince Nyanko: And I am a girl XD
Ryouri Kenkaku: >_>
Kuro Samhain: Best of both worlds. XD
Ryouri Kenkaku: I AM the better bishie!
Prince Nyanko: Strip!
Kuro Samhain: I gtg now ;-;
Kuro Samhain: We never finished the comp.
Prince Nyanko: I'm the better Bishie...
Kuro Samhain: XD
Prince Nyanko: I was winning.
Ryouri Kenkaku: *smiles sparkle bubble harp music smile smile wink sparkle sparkle*
Kuro Samhain: *huggles Amber* buh bye!
Prince Nyanko: by 5 points XD
Prince Nyanko: *huggles*
Ryouri Kenkaku: Bye! ;-;
Kuro Samhain: *huggles Dono-koi* love you, buh bye!

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Bertie626: Wow! o_o It's quarter to nine already.
Bertie626: You'd better get to blogging. :P
Ryouri Kenkaku: *groans*
Ryouri Kenkaku: wait... ok! ^_^;
Bertie626: @@ You're planning something... >_>
Ryouri Kenkaku: What am I planning? o.o
Bertie626: You'll probably just say "there! I blogged!" or "BLOG!" or something like that. :P
Ryouri Kenkaku: o_o I promise I won't
Bertie626: Okies. XD

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