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This place let's me get away when I need to be angry and let's me be happy when I need to do that. It's dual purpose! While you think this place will be interesting it will end up being about the following:

Games. I love gaming, it's part of what I do. How can you deny video games as an art form when people spent countless hours making them beautiful and giving the most gripping stories you've ever taken part in. That's right, you take part in the story. Better than a book. Gimme a better story than the Chrono Trigger series. Try it.

But books are great, I'll read most anything as long as it's long enough to really get me in. Fan abuse? You better believe I'll drop your book if you fill it with fan abuse. Table top books and games fit into this category. What can I say, I love playing my own character.

Where gaming is what I do, anime is what I breathe. Nothing beats it. Name something else that captures your emotion like Kare Kano, something that twists your perception like Neon Genesis Evangelion, a movie more gripping that Gin-Roh, characters more lovable than those from Fushigi Yuugi, action more intense than that found in Rurouni Kenshin, or anything more chaotically hilarious than Excel Saga.

Then there's Rae. My life and my love. When I'm sad I think of her. When I'm happy I think of her. She's my one and only and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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Sunday, July 29

Boy did I fool you when I said I'd be back the next day! XD.... ^_^;;;.... x_x;

I wonder if drawing a God land Yuri would scare Rae-chan and Amber away from Yaoii... hmm....

Anyway back to my point. See as everyone may or may not know, my grandma's computer is plagued with illegal operations. Thank guddha she's getting it fixed this week. So I haven't been able to blog xx But now I can!!!

Now Ai-con... what can I say about this ather than that it was great! I mean, it's not as immense as Otakon (in time little club... in time...) but it was still an amazing affair ^_^ The games room was packed 24/7 with games like Dance Dance revolution, Bust-a-Groove, Marvel v.s. Capcom 2, Penguin olympics and Puzzle fighter. You should have SEEN some of those people playing dance dance revolution! I've never seen faster feet in my life. I so horribly sucked at it x-x;; but at least I ruled in Marvel v.s. Capcom 2 and Bust-a-Groove ^_^

Next the art exhibit room. We have some amazing artists in our club. I mean... wow. I didn't spend much time there but from the large crowd I assume everyone was enjoying themselves. In the same room were the vendors. And vend they did! Amazing wall scorlls, posters, had made pins, plushies whole wacks of import stuff, anime merchandice... *sigh* I wish I didn't have to spend so much of my money on groceries. Damn rule about humans needing to eat. And in it all was the most amazing EVA unit-00 model I had ever seen... I was $20 short ._.

The movies were great. I'l talk about the 2 most contrasting titles I guess, The Ah! my goddess movie and Gin-roh. I haven't seen much of Amg but I could tell the movie was a step up on the animation... but not very high a step. I was mildly disappointed, it could have been better. And it wasn't much of a movie type script either, it seemed like sitting through just a really long, slightly drawn better episode of Amg. On the other end of the spectrum, Gin-roh. Amazing. This movie is the most emotional anime I've ever seen, set in an alternate Japan full of violent protests and military police with a surprise ending you won't want to miss. The script was written by the same person who directed Patlabor, Patlabor 2 and Ghost in the shell, Momoru Oshii. You're my new favourite director Oshii-sama. ^_^

Everyone loves good old anime series ^_^ And there were tons! A select few would be... Gokudo-Kun - Funny, BoogiePop Phantom - dark n' freaky, Furi Kuri - Hilarious, Berserk - Intense, Love Hina - the anti tenchi! and Puni Puni Poemi - falling to the ground laughing your ass off and trying to peek over the chair in front of you so you can still watch while trying to control your bladder. Of course there were many many more, but those were my faves ^_^

And the anime auction, not really much I can say but... wow @@ so much cool stuff. Some of the better things were: Furi Kuri cells, EVA cells, Posters doen by an amazing artist who's name I can't quite remember at the moment (he's been commisioned by the people who made Love Hina to do some artwork for a set of stationarry {pencil cases, pens, notepads etc}), A Bellandy pillow only available if you bought a ticket to the opening night of the Ah! my goddess movie on opening night {went for about $175} and a plethora of posters.

Oh! I forgot the opening night's J-pop dance XD It was kickin'! It ws like a Rave, with hundreds of people packed in a room bouncing up and down to Rythym emotion, Techno remixes, Megumi Hayashibara and Siam Shade in front of a huge screen playing anime clips and music videos non-stop. It was awesome ^_^

And that was Ai-con. I would say there were roughly only 600 attendees, a bit short from the club's expected 700 but it's still growing so it's not so bad. An awesome time was had by all ^_^... Except when Brad fell down the stairs, we couldn't find Pam, food was expensiv, missing so many shows, lack of sleep, getting lost, losing cd's, hearing the Bandai guy talk positively about commercialization and the second Card captors movie which almost ruined the series for me. All in all fun ^_^

Who am I kidding? I could never draw Yuri x-x;;;;;

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